Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Waxing my Car

So I've always wanted to wax my car. People that do this themselves talk about it with such excitement, planning their whole weekend around it. I've never really understood it, but was always curious about it. My boyfriend is one of those people. He's been talking about waxing his truck pretty much since I met him. So this last weekend it finally happened. I'm walking around his house and can't find him. So I go out to the garage. Sure enough, he's busy applying the wax to his truck. Mine's next, he tells me. I go back in the house. After thinking about it, I want in on the action! I want to know what this secret little club is all about. So when it's time to remove the wax, I go out to help. He gives me a terry cloth, and I begin wiping the wax off my car, trying to remember everything I learned from Karate Kid. Wax on, wax off. This is pretty fun! And certainly a good arm workout. By the time I'm done, my car is so shiny I can see my reflection in it. It's beautiful, like a Ferrari. Except it's not. Just an Altima. But beautiful none the less. I get it now. It's about pride. And a big smile every time I look at my shiny car.


Lanzens Life said...

Yes, I've never quite understood waxing a car, but do appreciate the shinyness!

Sounds like fun! Love reading your blog!

alan and steph said...

I love the new design Laura! It looks awesome.