Thursday, July 31, 2008

Acoustic Guitar

I've always found the acoustic guitar to be completely irresistible. Nothing beats the simplicity of an acoustic performance. Some of my favorite songs are just a beautiful voice and guitar. Ani DiFranco "Both Hands," James Blunt "Fall at your Feet," Tristan Prettyman "Melting," Howie Day "Ghost" (old skool), Dave Matthews "#41," and of course, my good buddy Kethro. After constantly listening to all of these incredibly talented musicians, it's pretty intimidating, but I'd really like to learn to play the acoustic guitar. If nothing else, it'd give me an even stronger appreciation for those musicians. But I'm hoping that it'll be yet another creative outlet for me, and maybe even a good stress reliever. Don't hold your breath waiting for me to start singing while playing though. Perhaps that's where some of my hesitation comes from, I'm pretty self-conscious about my voice. Now, rocking out to Real McCoy while cruizin down the freeway is a different story. But singing in front of people, no thanks. I think I'll hide behind my guitar. If I had one. In which case, I'd get something like this Takamine, with a natural, reddish finish. Because it's pretty :) Anywho, I think that will be my little project for the evening, to have Phil teach me the basics of playing acoustic guitar. Then fall asleep to him playing for me. My fav.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ad School

So the first dream on my "bucket list" began nearly two years ago, and just resurfaced this morning. On my ride to work I was talking to my good friend Kristen about her educational experience. After graduating from college with a degree in advertising, she attended the Miami Ad School for a 12-week boot camp in Account Planning. This intense, 7 days-a-week program trains students to be the strategic brains behind creative solutions. The account planning piece of this is a relatively new interest of mine (more on this in a later post). But I've been intrigued by ad school ever since I came across the online portfolio of Dave Werner. Absolutely incredible. Never has any website been so inspiring to me. I guess my hope is that by attending an ad school (Dave graduated from Portfolio Center in Atlanta), I can someday be as creative and imaginative as he is. But really, I just like the challenge. I miss that fast-paced, sweat and tears excitement of school and the passionate people I'd be surrounded by. I yearn for that creative stimulation. Plus, the thrill of moving somewhere like San Francisco, even for just a short time, is almost more than enough to persuade me to apply!

Welcome to my blog...

...and a peak inside my head. Anyone who knows me well, knows my passion for life and all the opportunities it provides. I'm the kid who changes her mind everyday about what she wants to do when she "grows up." Mostly because I want to do everything. I want to see and experience everything possible. I'm the first in line for any and every activity, the social planner for my circle of friends with a calendar full of events. So here will be a compilation of my dreams, aspirations, and a few occasional ramblings. A "bucket list" of sorts. My hope is that you'll let your imagination run wild with me, and perhaps join me on my next adventure :)